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Zodiackal Light - text


Crown the impulse that deliberately
defeat in spiritless action
Isolation - burn the greenwood
order of the vertical path

crawl in the remnants of one thousand
torching a world that was left
Zodijackyl light

Cross the sharpest void
deride the embers of his faith
the bringer that on million horses

Waiting for the call within the
spark of sin
ever reminiscent of the coming
of storm
Can you see the cosmic face in
which disorder lies

Burning of opression
Burning the inventor
Burning is the killing hand
Be that of the darkest sin
to frustrate hope and love

I shall not be blinded
I shall not be forced

feasting on debris from celestial

Burning in the sky
beyond the realm of time
Sequence of the nucleus
the glowing dust in flight
Zodijackal light

And they ride, they ride
the drama takes the lead
And they ride, they ride
the beast of heaven their guide

Racing through the vastness
constellation disarray
that darkness could not have existed
that bares no witness to the light

I shall not be blinded
I shall not be forced

Sweet endless
Perpetually pronge through interior
So seamless
Joints of time cannot shackle the

Zodiackal light.

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