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Through Smudged Lenses - text


Let no one be their selves
Turn off the saturating lights
Now within the others
Turn off the watchful eye
The brightest is the night

Shelter for the shattered
In unison we strive

Dare to disassociate
That cuts the pass of time
What's actual lies further
The ends that fast unfold
Will the hour of meeting
Let silence speak the truth

I want to hear you scream
I want to see you..

Stand and top the canyon
A vision and your failure
Thirsting for a higher place
Marking different strokes
What weak reflection
It tears your soul apart….
No selection
It tears our world apart

These walls are protecting us
Burn them to the ground
This haven of refuge
Burn it to the ground

So smudge your lense a little
What matter the void
Phase out of sound a while
And let it go

Sentences of choice
Is what I want of your design
Left to our devices
We stumble on
I want to hear you scream, I want to hear you scream

Burn it to the ground
No final word to save you
Burn it to the ground

Take me to the keep
Where bear the darkest void
Thousandfold the agony
Where silence speaks alone

To rely on static
With it sides the dark

How else can we move on?
I want to hear you scream, I want to see you die!

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Dark Tranquillity texty

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