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Riddled by the tropics
What was that makes the edges burn
Here on the outskirts - the prosperity - the pride
Stretched as far as one can reach
But I learned (to) defy your meaning
There's something out there, lost beyond your power lines

It's all the same to me - it's all the same to me
Lost all faith in promises, and deadline closing in
Tired of deciphering, the wayward strands of truth
I don't care - Cause I can't feel!
I don't know - Anymore!

What's sure we better conjure up
With vowels, nouns and letters
But within it's very nature,
The ability to distort

There's nothing in the words I hear
That makes me want to take a stand
... and show it is a cage
It's all the same to me - It's all the same to me.

The years of our conditioning
This world -
Rather keep me in the dark than look me in the eye and LIE!


Chorus (2):
It's all the same thing pulling us down
The senses punish here
It's all the same things making us blind
There's nothing here for me

Hear it coming? Waiting for you now.

I can't even stand and tone a fabricate - A denial on display
Make you a lithmus - left for dead
Thinking about what ..
We touch the very ..
When nears that hear no end to which

Unwilling or unable, the difference left for just judgement
It's all the same to me, it's all the same to me

It passes on, from wicked mouth, as vision takes another role
New bound oppressor - What teachers brought down now stand tall


Chorus (2)

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Dark Tranquillity texty

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