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Out of Nothing - text


Make enemies of truth and reason
In that a rage is born
Start out the promise and adventure
When the was never the goal

How does it feel, to run out of nothing?
Where do you go, when you run out?

Never you mind, the grand perspective
Your outer forces, kept at bay
Washing out of the field of vision
To retain a sense of control
Your focus will remain unfixed
In the haze of a world unhinged

Create a sense of purpose
Around which you base your faith
The doubt that haunts your skin
An itch that will linger on


You wade forth, critique as an offender
But never question, where your motives lie
As a part of the greatest fable
The beast aread forgotten
Is this in a deadened rampage
Destruction as a saving grace

You run out of nothing


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Dark Tranquillity texty

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