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Insufficient facts
Make up for a free foundation
I'm bringing the obscene
Form the opinion

Sticks are numb, that substance void of purpose - we, were we wrong?
Let him decide it
Let him decide it - who will take the blame
Another soul to drain
What is it that we see? x2

One thought bringing it down
Original sinners
One thought bringing it down
Switch it off

How's it come to this?
Enjoying things by proxy
Live through others
Die just like the rest
We all end up screaming
A little louder
To cover up another piece of silence
You scream a little louder!
Fortune has run to me
Turn it off!


Brace for impact!

Towards a greater vision
When life will stand to fall

Tyranny of fear
A stranglehold on us
Stronger day by day
It's time to turn it off


Text přidal trasher

Video přidala SuperSonic


Dark Tranquillity texty

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