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It comes from all we're giving
In seemingly endless supply
Our signals crossed defiantly
Into this volatile mix we guard

You stop and I repeat
The error of character, grounds
are a part of the deeds that take you
Run back down, no!

You were .. one's that see
Misgivings in historic nightlight
Fill in the blanks

That one will fall
To the heart set to others

There is nothing left!
A mere shadow, when adrenalin runs dry
There is nothing there, an empty prop
When adrenalin runs dry

It gets you deep down - NO! NO!

Yes they told you about the blazing heights
The space from which the world is viewed
Where's the mirror, that shatters the image?

The crypt is careful hiding, retreat from another attack
Painlessly forgiving, a refuge indeceptive back

It works within the system, and they wont understand
When it is a lone deceiver, will fool you ..

Torn to waste .. and it's all about nothing
We want to scream within the span of attention
Brought to grow
Let the chaos pass
That one will fail
I hear screams in terrors, I hear screams in terrors

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Dark Tranquillity texty

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