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Willed by winters so called frost
Fixed the anxieties from grip
The frost that burned the honorees
Underneath the heavy clouds
The lifted sword, the broken shield
The end that drew the final word
From the frozen mouth of Arkhangelsk
Let them go, let them burn the world to cinders
Let the rats run down
Falling through the tungsten skies
The burning clouds of Arkhangelsk
To the eye of judgment now
What will stand when the time of the end
Time of the end
Center stone into fire
On to nothing and nothing to lose
They gather, groaning to the souls
Of the grinding winds of Arkhangelsk
In the world when movement in
The fabric, everything dies
The storm that sweeps the world away
From the frozen plains of Arkhangelsk
You hear it from the morning star
What others brought
And the land, forgot
Soaring through the nether mills
Through blazing stars, the time suns
The grinder now that carries us
Through the bloody end of Arkhangelsk

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