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See how curious we are when we dream
Analyzing the fragments of an anatomy's experience
Imagine your wishes forlorn
Lonely flights over winding bridges
With a melody inside
I am drifting far beyond my home
In a final thinking hour
Occupied by those who sleep
A cosmic trip so tight and deep
A lonesome stone at my hands
The Milky Way inside my spinal cord
Rainbow-colored eyes
Scarlet red achievers
A pay-per-view moment of a metamorphosis in mind
That is why we all pay the ceiling
Approaching the sun
Approaching as one
A lonesome stone at my hands
Scarlet red achievers
Drenched to the skin I am
I've never dreamt a dream within a dream
...can't I wake?
Sub-dream level two:
All pain was of my sinning
All sins a part of mine
Mine the disclaimer of regret
Mine unholy shrines
Mine were the fingermarks on every brooded wrong
The hate that fumed behind each envious tongue
Mine every greed and lust
Mine denying altered crust
Malicious-joy my bitter wine
And even scorn the mine...

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