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We've spent a lot of time together we were friends
Still court to hold the line we try to understand
But searching for the truth we were afraid what we would find
Don't put it on the proof better leave it all behind

You were cheated by your wife? but you deceive yourself
if you waste your life with drugs, don't risk your health
Don't think you are alone with your problems Face the fight
And then turn back into the spotlight

Drinks and drugs cause a lot of sorrow

It's bad for your body, it's bad for your soul
it's bad if you're naughty, hey, you're twisted
Go back where you're started, go back you're alone
Regret for the heartache, hey, you're twisted

Another lonely day and another lonely night
Makes you gonna pray that everything becomes alright
But your life remains the same and you've gotta take the blame
If you couldn't wind up all your shame

There was danger in the air,
Since the day when you were gone
But why have all the things gone wrong?
Did you ever take much care?
You're the one who put the party on?
No, you've not been a saint

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