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The Vision - text


Just when we had pulled up our boats together
We sewed the nets and watched you preaching at the lake
You sent us further to the deeper water
For another catch that our nets were about to break

We're gonna live our life together
Serving with devotion every day and night
We're gonna live our life together
Until the end of time

Gone, we're gone with the vision
That we're born again and have another life
We've made the decision
To leave all behind

Too hard to understand, but we have seen your wonder
Though I felt sinful and fell down on my knees
But the past is gone and could not pull me under
We're catching people for the spirit will increase

We're following this man
Without any proof at all
But this is our life, fate, and destiny
We reached the point of no return

Finally we're gonem because we have the vision
That we're reborn and have another life
We've made a decision to leave all behind

We leave it all behind - we followed all your ways
We left our life behind - all your ways

Text přidal Efai

Videa přidal Efai

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