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Slave of Time - text


Another day you've missed the chance to think about your stance
Lost in your office with another endless blank chat
I can not see a smile of satisfaction
Not on your face so is this your right place?

There is no time for inventions and changes
'Cause in your grind you've been told what to do

Slave of time, heading out to nowhere
You never reach the aims you're trying
Slave of time, trapped inside of nowhere
You can't escape, but you're still trying hard

You've had your visions and you still have got your dreams man
You've learned the lessons but it's harder than it seems
Another day you're running round in circles
Do you agree with the insipidity?

And I wonder could you ever change one part
Of your life?

Without any trace without any kind of memories?
I'm sure you won't quit your life in a misery
So better take care and keep your faith alive
And you'll be in balance with your life

Text přidal Efai

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