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See the Light - text


You lost the pleasure live in pain
You lost your courage you're insane
Is it hopeless for you?

You feel depressed about your life
'Cause you don't know how to survive
You don't know where to go?

It's just like fear of the dark
And you're waiting for the dawn to escape from the night

See the light it's gonna bring you the hope for a new day
Feel the power in your soul let love take full control
See the light and shine! Feel the warmth in your heart
Like a sunbeam on your skin, let a new day begin

You're still behind your window pane
Watching folks out in the rain
You're afraid to join in?

You'd better stop drifting away
Relieve your mind and find your way
This might be all that you need

If you taste the flavor of morning
Overcome with joy
You will be ready to recover
Unclouded pleasure and fun

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