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Saints Beneath the Sky - text


Your love's like a thunder, but stuffed with pain
Always good for a broken heart when you've left one in the rain
Sweet talk to the chosen, but you are denying
That all your passion end with endless crying

Whatever you want it ain't what you do
Don't flatter yourself your love can't be true
It might be a relief that as long as you breath
Nothing will change in this humanity

There are no saints beneath the sky
No matter the way we're always used to try
There are no saints beneath the sky
Begging for all the angels still will fly, for all the angels still will fly

Your life is a yearning for love and appreciation
But all you find is love frustration
I guess you're not the only man
Who missed his chances and failed by love romances

No saints, no peace on earth worldwide
We are living in sin beneath the sky
We're born to live and born to die
You gotta hold on to reach your peace of mind

Text přidal Efai

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