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Meaning of Life - text


Sitting on your suitcase
In another foreign land
You've packed your clothes
And turn your face to the girl and shake her hand

You're polite return her smile
But probably you won't come back
There's another place and another time
And another story to regret

It's just like everytime,
But with new faces
Almost satisfied,
But hungry for some new romances

Sometimes you feel lonesome
With all those broken hearts
They won't be there when you are old
So you wanna play another part?

But how could you resist your proud
With those temptations all around?
I wonder how you change your life
To call someone your wife

You need no miracle
you need no sensation,
but you need a special pearl
so charming sweet with full inspiration

For a special man like you

Time to remember the meaning of your life
Time to surrender or time to stay alive?
What you do, what you say, the world remains the same
Off the track or satisfied? Your life is on the line
Make up your mind

Wherever you'll be searching
For another step to paradise
Focus on important things
On qualities worth the price

Of course her shape, abilities,
But not superficiality
You've got the age, experience
So come on man and take your chance

And I hope you understand
Don't waste your time
And find a girl for you!

It's time, your time - red light for the life you've been livin'
It's time, your time - for another step to rearrange your life

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