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Empty Faces - text


For years we didn't stop to play down criminality
And we've spared killers by reason of insanity
Now, late at night you are afraid to leave your safe home
Because the streets became a dangerzone

Once we had children they were all our pride
But the kids today? Well they spread fear and fright

Empty faces, their brainless mind did make them blind
Empty places, vicious gangs control the night
Empty faces, they're good for pain to push their gain
Many cases, we don't know at all where the blame will fall

Talking 'bout the reasons why kids become so cruel
Who wanna be responsible and who will be the fool?
God, I feel so tired with helpless rage and agony
And I still refuse to believe that we've been through

There is no sense at all, we know pride goes before a fall
And we Thought our justice work alright
But it's just a fake and for the victims often hard to take
No, but I don't wanna lose my faith

Text přidal Efai

Video přidal Efai

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