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Cute Little Lies - text


I'm in love with you
And I should know what I've got to do
If I felt sad and insecure
You always helped me through

I cry,
Oh can't you draw me close to you?
Between us, I built a wall
I'm such a fool

You're my desire and nothing else could take your place
I need to feel the warmth of your embrace

Cute little lies
Can't be between us
I could be down and lose control
But you're still there to save my soul

Cute little lies
They can't defeat us
You life my eyes up to your face
And let me see the promised place

Why does our world not face the truth?
You gave a life worth living, a life in love with you

I try to breathe your love before I die
Between us, I break the wall to stay alive

Text přidal Efai

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