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Chase Your Dreams - text


Once again you were dreaming
And all thoughts were drifting away
So far away from your workday to a place
Where you wished you could stay

The sun on your skin a drink in your hand
Your towel lies unrolled in the sand
The radio's on they're playing your song
Just nothing in the least which was wrong

No cold, no rain, no hurt no pain
You're gonna leave the worst behind
And then you can refresh your mind

Chase your dreams, although you're fallin'
Chase your dreams, before they fade away
Chase your dreams, when they are callin'
Chase your dreams, come on and make your day

It's not a trip to hell and it's nothing you can't tell
Hold on to your dreams, not all of them come true
No matter what you're gonna do

Oh, you've set your goals and aims for life
Sure that you've got the drive
But life came along while you have been searching
The passion you never did find

You're stumblin' on lying, the world finds you crying
Why did all fade away?
But I know that you'll keep on dreamin'
For the best is yet to come

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