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Believe It - text


Don't cross the line between illusion and reality
Oh boy, beware there's always someone behind you
Whispering lies he's only good for a bad advice

He tries to lead you away from the way you've been told by the lord
So don't lend your ears to his voice, never believe what he says

You're far from your home you feel abandoned and alone,
But never look back!
Illusions make you blind sweet dreams of passion in your mind
Wake up or a nightmare might begin

Don't you believe it?
Seducers go to hell,
Reward for what they tell

Believe it!
Once you've gotta choose, and once you win or lose!
Believe it!

Things going wrong,
When you're alone you'd better open your eyes
Even a wolf looks so harmless from far away
You'd better watch out 'cause he's waiting

One wrong step in your life
Maybe cause that you're gonna cry
Stick on what you've been told
So you never gonna lose your soul

You're standing on the edge
Left and right might be the wrong ways
Go straight ahead
The lord gives you the lead! Right!

(When things going wrong, do you listen to that voice inside?
The voice of your conscience, to resist all seducers and bad guys)

Oh boy, I want you to know, that I'm gonna pray for you

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