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The Path of Life - text


After your first life, a world of love
Sorrounded by the darkness, peace and silence
You'll cry out to show your desperate pain
So your journey starts

No one can describe the path to take
And no one will know if it will be long
No one will know if it will be hard
Only fate decides...

First love will help you to understand
During the first steps she'll hold your hand
Then she'll move away to set you free
Free to choose

You'll fight alone against yourself, against your deepest fears
You'll fight alone against your deaf and blind rage
You will live in solitude to appreciate your friends
You will lose a thousand wars to lose your vanity

You'll learn to distinguish good from evil, love from hate
You'll learn to distinguish truth from lies
Only if you learn to listen, if you are so humble,
Will you give full meaning to your life

Like a sweet dream may seem real
Life can be a dream
If you will have sought the truth
You have found your peace

Now you're really alone, the wind blows hard
But your ship is strong, it can navigate
Looking for true friends, true love, true life
That are worth living for

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