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Rage of Gods - text


You, you'll never be able
You will never be able to reach the shore
You' you'll never survive
You will never survive the wrath of Poseidon
The great god of the sa will come upon your ship,
Will not let you get to your home
He will strike you with his strong waves
You'll not be able, not be able to resist

I'm clinging to life with my fingernails
I will have to use all my strength
Mountains of water and hate crash on me
Do you want my death? You must try harder
Sea god come and steal it, if you can
Mountains of water and rage are crashing on me

Sea, that I have always understood
Sea, that I have always dominated
Rebel against your bad god
Aeolus! Father of all winds, take it easy now
Rest a little, please, as in summertime
In a moment from the highest sky
Down to the darkest, deep abyss

(Where are you, my sweet goddess?)

A great confusion in my mind
My great truth fades away
Where are you, Athena?
Crumbling mountains, full of my fears, will collapse

Athena, my protector
Please, help me again
Come and stop the sea
Spread your wings
Sea eagle, flies closer to the sea
I must found myself, I must found my light
I must found my path, I must save my life
My sweet goddess, my sweet friend, listen
Stop all these waves and save me now

Text přidal DevilDan

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