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Nostalgia - text


Night, my friend, I sit on the seashore
I'm looking at the sky, so I look in your eyes
Don't be ashamed of your cold and sad loneliness
I know her, she's here with me

She knows how to listen to my deepest thoughts
She knows how to talk to my feeble conscience
I would like to tell her goodbye forever
But i can't, not now, not yet

Please, dry your eyes
Do your stars shine
For me...

One of your stars will show me the way
She i so firm and sure of herself
She has always shown me the way in the past
This time will be last

I need my home
I need my love
My peace
I need my peace

Tell me why should I die alone
In a land that will never be my Ithaca
Tell me why i hope even now
I can hug my dear son again

Take me carry me away from here
I'm going crazy
I struggled a lifetime to find myself

Take me, carry me home
I've been far for too long
Night, I am a man, I cannot live alone

Night, dear friend, I am still here
The horizon is clearing and soon will go
Another day without meaning to live
One more and still one more
And I'll see you again
I hope you'll grant my wish...

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