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Last Fight - text


As a king twenty years ago
Like a beggar now I am here
Turned into an old man by my goddess
I finally walk on my land
Looking for a few faithful friends
Just a son, a dog, a swineherd
Enough for my just revenge

Cleaned by my sweet nurse Euriclea
She has loved me since I was child
Recognised by her great wisdom and love
My Penelope stops your tricks
And makes sure that I can defy
All rebels at my favourite game
The arc will bend o kill them

Traitors, this will be your last meal
Traitors, your last game
Traitors, you and your whores lovers
All of your shall die

They are profiting from my absence
Unaware of their certain death
Laughing with their fat open mouths, drooling
You still make fun of me, bastards
But I am not what I seem to be
It will be a nice surprise, you'll see
When I'll throw my revenge on you

I see your eyes beg for mercy
I hear your hearts beat faster
Before dying

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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