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Beneath the Veils of Winter - text

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When the leaves start to fall and the twilight rules them all
When the sweet cold comes and my sentiments are freezing
A shiver penetrates me and the wind gathers the clouds
Creatures and trees are ready for the change
We built all our dreams under the frozen stars
Through the mist and snowy woods we learned about life
As we fought the rage of snowstorms we reached our limits
All our life is reflect beneath the veils of winter
The day has come the first flakes fill the sky
Every echoe drowns through the kingdome of the white
The sound of silence flows into the void
And all the colors surrender to the one
I´m standing and admire the power of nature
The wind swirling my dreams in the infinity of white
The cold sun leads my heart beyond the realms of sorrow
The scream of wolves into the cold night ascending to the moonlight sky

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Beneath the Veils of Winter

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