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Mechanismeffects - text


"An Erotic Ethics Error Portrait"

I gave you to my desert
''said ya'' might be lost but not alone
I sold you to me prototype
propensity to scorn is mine to show, guess what?!
Move, spoof, overweight heat out of control.
Spring again, sin again, spittum, chaos overlapping
don''t you step over... the flood area.
So whats wrong with a little agony
a harmless game between you,
the servile and me the deatiny
we love each other as we are
so hateful and depraved
a peaceful pack of pliancy
in any damned diraction...
Could you please dance my dance?
I do, we do, god for us.
Skin in skin
Flesh admits flesh
languish for spittle
breath meets breath
pushing lust into sweat
magnificence tenderness.

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