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Does it take all life to understand
we’re just part of the same infinity?

I’m now aware no-one will ever give my years back to me
- except myself, my soul -
The change defines the passing of time
it’s the act itself masters this cruel hold
There’s just one rule for us

We walk alone, as you cry for me
the trail of tears - I’m here

I was told “remember you’re going to die”
We should know first we’re meant to live

Through the eyes of time
I decide to tread on path of Utopia
not of survival
Set the vision of my world
No prayers to comfort
my very last journey
You’ll keep all the answers
I left in my room of doubts

We walk alone, as you cry for me
the trail of tears - I’m here

There you will keep all my words
there in your hearts, untamed

No more to write about,
there’s still a lot to see
there’s more than this
more questions than answers

My self-perception leads the way
beyond this end
this earthly matter
I know it will always change…

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