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Son of Gods - text


Immediately after he reached maturity,
his mother gave the Chosen One the rune
disclosing the Wizard's prophecy:
His future was already written ...

Mother, that through the stars' paths
have seen the past and the future,
in this night the cold freezes my heart
and like a cloak, the shadows
warm my mind into the darkness.

Son, listen this voice tired and old,
for a long time I've felt the prison's cold.
Everynight I've seen the wings of freedom bleedin'

Long years under the fear of the tyranny,
living into the despair and pain
But also through the deeper darkness
the hope's lit shines strong.

You're the Son Of Gods
keeper of the deeper secret
you're the Chosen One
the holder of he hope's blame
that in the dark will show the lit

(bridge) - (chorus 2)

Hold up the Rune my eldest
you can explain, you are one.
Fight my hero destroy the suffering
one day we'll see us in the sky

Too much seasons left away
but now the shadow is thinin' out.
The fate decided my life
and now follow the wind and listen.

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Son of Gods

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