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Power of the Rune - text


When he realized the whole meaning of the Rune,
In this moment he was ready to face the battle...

"Dust in the darkness only a lit of fire I can see
in the beginning was Dark Horizon"

Leaving the nightfall behind,
I'll march with thousand fears,
when he set fire to your mind,
I saw blood but no tears

The fear is rising now,
and the silence is killin' my mind.
I've made my choice forever,
I must rescue the humankind

The darkness of the night
fills my mind of sorrow and pain
but the victory is a delight
that wets the fire by the rain

(bridge) (chorus) x 2

He'll give a big cry, that is the sign,
Don't waste the magic of the Great Wizard,
The Rune is power, watching his light
Don't lose the trust and make him dark

I'll remember the words he swore
before of dying he'll meet the hell
you know that he's a son of whore
the wind will carry the cry of the bell

(bridge) (chorus) x 2

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