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Like a Somnambulist in Daylight's Fire - text


Don't ask, why darkness never ends
I believe some things were never meant to be

I am Death's devoted instrument
Abysmal dirges guide my way to the graveyard ground
Disharmonic choirs from out of the morgue scream
I am Death's devoted instrument

Alcohol within my veins, mesmerized my senses
Addicted to the other side I feel the subconscious need
To leave this human entity

My soul was sentenced far too long,
To perish in a lifeless shell,
To search for answers in this living hell

It doesn't take a lifetime to feel alone
It just takes a look at you...yet it's too late...'s time to end it here...
Suicide, the only solution

My senses drift away
Through a bleak vortex of supplanted memories
Fragments of "life" passing by
Through sorrow, tears and silent cries

Death, is it you my faithful friend?

(Could it be, that I've already seen the end?)

We are just fading moments
Of a specious fate
May I be one with decadence
I've pulled the trigger far too late!

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