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Hark! Do you hear on the thunder
They cry of the Unseelie Court
Don't look to the skies
Lest your earthly demise shall be wrought
Black is the vaporous mantle
Of the riders that come on the storm
The veil is torn open
The night bears their ethereal forms
Hasten! For the host is upon us!
I care not for loosing my soul
A traveller on the road
Will be taken for to join in their fold
Blinded by sweat and the fury
Of the run as it falls to the ground
I swear, as we ride,
I can feel that the host's all around
I feel them near me
I see them come into being
I pray for protection
Please guide me from darkness to light
Bound to their unholy ventures
This terrible night bist their own
Must quicken the peace
Or the host we will face all alone
lo! look towards the horizon
To the manor where refuge doth lie
By the grace of our lord
We will reach the old ford and survive

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