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That night, I remember
I'll never forget the chill that echoed for so long.
The month of december
Always will be etched into my mind.
I waited for forever
You never did come home at your normal time.
And the I got that phone call
My heart had stopped just when I heard you died.
It's been seven years now
And not a day has passed away not thinking of you.
I know that I must move on, but I can't just forget the past,
No matter how I try.
They say our souls do transcend
To the other side.
On that summer day, I looked into your eyes
And so I pledged, until the end, right to the day I die,
"Here we are, at dawn
Of eternal longing.
All I hope for and all that I do,
My whole life I give to you."
Now I've grown old, my time has come
To reach the other side
On my final day I can't believe my eyes
I see you there once again, to guide me through the light.
"Here I am at dawn
Of eternal longing.
All I hoped for and all that I knew
My whole life I gave to you."
Here we are at the dawn
Of eternal longing.
All we hope for and all that we do,
Our lives now begin anew.

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