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Outside the Inside - text


Reality has convinced the unsure
Proclaiming peace is a modern term
Give in to something real but silent
It better be the way we learn

No doubt, I am ready to fall
They shaped this world for a formless me
So I doubt, that I am ready to call out
for a life that needs society

Reaction, reflection of values that are false
My actions, attractions- choose life behind a wall

No,no, no, here I go again...

Because your outside shapes my inside every
day I find to see, that this world that you are
loving is a smiling enemy

I don't know why I have followed without asking
where we go
I guess it is just too hard and hollow in a world
That I don't know

I know, it is time to recall
Secular ethics are impossible
I know, it is time for us all
But finding sense is so predictable

Negation, relation, never knew what was
the cause
No actions of sections- that decline I never was

Life has no meaning
No action preferable to any other

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