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Life for Blood - text


Take it all away- but who is riding all fault?
Bassel and affectation have become your ways
But I want you to know that the remedy is already here

Just another downfall of all unworthly minds
Is there no truth, why must it all become fake just
simply to worthy of it?

No, no, fuck your better days
It takes what it needs to redefine these ailing walls
Why must it all become fake to know what
we are fighing for?

I want life for blood, I am calling out for the enemy
I want life for blood, this one goes out to our industry

No clear direction has caused a bitter affection
Whatever music needs, rethink your distinctive deeds

It is always the same- profits kills art
So weak and lame to play this game

Is there still truth behind this inscutable durtain?
Is there no truth behind these inscutable lies?

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