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Venice Blue - text


I saw Venice turn blue
Before my very eyes
I saw Venice turn blue
The moment love died

I walked by the canal
Or through some little square
And echoes of her words
Pursue me everywhere

Now my Venice is blue
As the mandolins play
The song she used to sing
Before love slipped away

With the lovers hand in hand
The gondolas go by
I wish that I could weep
But all my tears are dry

I see Venice all blue
Before my misty eyes
I see Venice all blue
Because our love has died

My aimless footsteps stop
Before an old café
Or by some little shop
Where she would often stray

I see Venice all blue
Beneath the rising moon
And still I look for her
Beside the wide lagoon

And then I try to smile
And hope I can forget
The laughter that we shared
The shining day we met

Two pigeons in the square
I now say my goodbyes
Goodbye my vanished dream
Goodbye oh Bridge of Sighs

I've seen Venice turn blue
And too lonely to bear
For she...
Forgot to care

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Venice Blue

Bobby Darin texty

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