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Summer … not a bit of breeze
Neon signs are shining through the tired trees
Lovers walking to and fro
Everyone has someone and a place to go.

Listen … hear the cars go past
They don't even see me, flyin' by so fast
Moving … going who knows where
Only thing I know is I'm not going there.

Where do you go
When ya feel that your brain is on fire …
Where do ya go
When you don't even know what it is you desire …

Listen … laughter everywhere
Hear it … life is in the air ...

As the night comes and the town awaits
Sounds of children calling and the squeal of breaks
Music … but a lonely song
When you can't help wondering …

Where do I belong
Where do I belong …

Where do I belong

Text přidal PsychoKiller

Video přidal PsychoKiller

In A Broadway Bag

Bobby Darin texty

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