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(Let's roll)
Yeah that's right we're going dummy tonight, son
We're going Dum-Dum

This that good shit
We goin' silly, gettin' dumb on that hood shit
We're gettin' faded gettin' numb on the dance floor
We goin' crazy throwing bills in the bathroom
We gettin' loose and poppin' pills
Now I'm gone
I can't walk straight and the whole room spinnin'
I can't find my friend man I think he went missin' (Where'd he go)
Looked all around but I got too dizzy
Got bumped in the back by a rogue dude whippin'

Now I'm trippin' in the club
Slippin' in the club
Accidentally all up in this dude's business in the club (Sorry)
Now he's givin' me a shove
And I'm fallin' over chairs
Tryna catch my balance but I end up fallin' down the stairs (Aah)
Now I'm breakin' all my bones
And I'm fallin' real fast
And I barrel towards the door
And I break through the glass (Aah)
And I land on my ass
Now I'm slidin' down the street
The club's on top of a hill
So I'm pickin' up speed
Now I'm scared
I don't think I've gone so fast in all my life
All the roads are frozen over so I'm slidin' on this ice
I can't catch myself
I just keep on rollin' like some dice
I just rolled right through the night
Fell asleep and now it's light

Now I'm rollin' and floppin'
Try to slow, I'm not stoppin'
People jumpin' out the way
They be leapin' and hoppin'
I roll right through a Gucci store
But there's no time for shoppin'
I accidentally steal a bunch of shit
They call in the cops and

Now I can hear the fuckin' sirens and the tires squeal
They called the SWAT Team, helicopters, it's a whole ordeal
I try to pray to Jesus even he don't want to take the wheel
I catch my balance for a sec
Then slip on a banana peel
Next thing you know I'm rollin' through the park and now I'm takin people down
Plowin' through a group of strollers takin' babies to the ground
I'm apologizing but my voice is drowned out by the sound of babies crying
But it fades as I approach another town

Now I have to make a tricky decision
Hit a bus of old people or a couple of children
I never really thought of myself of an ethical man but
After meditating on it I came up with a plan I'm gonna -- (Too late!)
I hit 'em both on accident and they blew up (My bad)
I caught a glimpse of a TV playin' the news and they're on the phone with my dad (Hi)
He's tellin' them how I've rolled before but it's never been this bad
I don't wanna watch but I can't stop I've never seen him this sad
Now I'm doing full rotations 'round the Earth
Spinnin' so fast I'm causing the Earth's rotation to reverse
Now I'm goin' back in time I just saw my own birth
Thought this night out at the club would be fun but it's the worst
(The lesson is:) Don't do drugs

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