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Santana aiit
mr danny fernandez ya dig
its goin downn

im curious
im curious
baby im curious
im curious

[verse 1]
Lady, yeah, when i walked into the room i saw you
you were there with your girls all dressed up in dark blue
standing over there acting like it aint about to go down
and maybe if i take you back to my place then just maybe
i can put my hands on your beautiful body
makin love night and day
baby its about to go down

I'm curious. I wanna know how you look without your dress, when your makeups off your hairs a mess, on top of me kissin' my chest {x2}

[verse 2]
And baby, yeah, never thought I'd be the one to ever say this
So excuse my words girl, I just cant resist
The way you look tonight; act like it's about to go down..
and baby yeah, when you lick your lips like that it drives me crazy
That look in your eye, it's just so sexy
So close your eyes, and let it slide, cuz baby, it's about to go down

Let's go gang, ya dig?
Baby, I'm dying to see how you look underneath that skirt, baby i wanna peek, I wanna see what I'm about to get myself intooo, i'm 'boutta get myself into you, like jay holiday, the bitch in the bag, it's gonna sleep snooze, but thats after I make'em leak ooze I super man that oh, ha, but I'm not like soldier boy, baby you could call me mackie man kildon roy, get you wetted like a drink in a plastic cup, like a BT commercial i wraps it up, so back it up like a tractor truck, who wants pancakes? I want pancakes, we want pancakes

Im curious, i wanna know how you look without your dress, when your makeup's off, your hair's a mess on top of me kissin my ches

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