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If You Ever Forget That You Love Me - text

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When I was young
Before we begun
I never thought
We all had someone
I took your breath
But you took the rest
I promised you always
A place on my chest
There might come a day
When you feel that I'm not who I was
You might find a better one
And end it for us
So I wrote our days on our kitchen table
If you ever forget that you love me
Sometimes the love
The love of your life
Can make you feel weak
Too tired to fight
But I'm trying my best
To look in your eyes
Cause tears never age
And years never die
But sometimes the love that you feel is just making it worse
When I'm disappointing you
We both end up hurt
So I left a note on our bathroom mirror
If you ever forget that you love me
Cause sometimes a flower will bloom just to nurture the ground
So if you should ever leave
It's worth it for now
So I wrote it down on our kitchen table
If you ever forget that you love me

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