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Got on a plane in 'Frisco
and got off in Vietnam
I walked into a different world
the past forever gone
I could have gone to Canada
or I could have stayed in school
But I was brought up differently
I couldn't break the rules
Thirteen months and fifteen days
the last ones were the worst
One minute I'd kneel down and pray
and the next I'd stand and curse
No place to run to
where I did not feel that war
When I got home I stayed alone
and checked behind each door
cuz I'm
Still in Saigon
Still in Saigon
I am still in Saigon
in my mind
The ground at home was covered in snow
and I was covered in sweat
My younger brother calls me a killer
and my daddy calls me a vet
Everybody says I'm someone else
and I'm sick and there's no cure
Damned if I know who I am
where was only one place I was sure
When I was
Every summer when it rains
I smell the jungle, I hear the planes
I can't tell no one, I feel ashamed
Afraid some day I'll go insane
That's been ten long years ago
and time has gone on by
Now and then I catch myself
eye-searching through the sky
All the sounds of long ago
will be forever in my head
Mingled with the wounded cries
and the silence of the dead
Cuz I'm
I am still in Saigon
I am still in Saigon
Yes, I'm still in Saigon
In my mind

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