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The house lights blaze the spotlights dim and the encore fades away
We've got five hundred miles to go and another show to play
But there's a few old diehard fans still hanging out back stage
They're the ones who have been faithful from the start
So we renew our old aquaintances and discuss the life and times
Of Tommy, Toy and Ronnie and the ones we've left behind
And all the minstrel warriors who got old before their time
But they'll always have ap lace here in our hearts
And its time to pick up memories and remember our old freinds
Do you think we'll ever see the likes of Stevie Ray again
Sail away it's time for moving on
This music is my mission and this highway is my home
While you sleep we've got promises to keep
And miles to go before teh morning light
We're the tall dark ships that pass you in the night
We thank you for your kind words and for coming to the show
It's so good to see you all again but we've relly got to go
The weather's getting stormy and they say it's gonna snow
And Omaha's a far piece down the line
We'll it's sure been fun but the time has come to get on out of here
The driver's getting nervous and the road crew's out of beer
And if the good Lord's willing we're gonna see you all next year
And we'll drop you all a card at Christmas time
But the boys are getting restless and the hours getting late
The time goes by so easy but that highway won't wait

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