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Slowly I'm racing you here, and everyone tells me that I'm falling to far behind.
I'm waiting for you here.
So tell me again what you're craving when I've crossed the line.
Convincing, stubborn, callous.
Paranoid feelings prevent us from trusting the people we thought we could be.
Life's too short.
Because life is always changing.
And I'm done with all the blaming cause I can only blame myself.
If you could only see the things that I want you to remember.
And could you please remember this love?
When I sleep inside you,
These four walls catching echoes from our darkest dreams.
When I'm deep inside you,
I remember what its like to need to be.
Bleed me from lovers cancer.
And I die with you here, craving the blame of the life that you fed to me.
I spend all of my time waiting for you. Think of everywhere we've been.
And all these days go by empty without you here. Take the steps back to your heart.
And I could make you happy if you gave me the chance. I won't let you down.
Could you take this away? All the pain that you gave me.
And you made me a shell of who I am.

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