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Wide Awake And Dead - text


Bad luck seems to follow me, cruel words choke the air
I breathe
Can't stand to even look at me
Father listen to me
Closed your eyes to the things I say
Closed your eyes to the child in pain
One day I'm gonna blow you away
Mother listen to me
Show the scars that you cannot see
Can't hold the pain locked inside of me

Chorus :

Closed my eyes buried me alive, wide awake and dead
Burned my soul from the life
I'll never know I'm wide awake and dead
Crucify me for the words I speak
Close your eyes and pray your soul to keep
Don't know how you can even sleep
When the sky is falling down
Let your conscience is darkened wing
Forgotten child and it's suffering
Deceit is quit, but the truth can sing
Mother listen to me
Sow the things that you can't reap
Can't hide the things you did to me

Chorus :

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Video přidala Girls_Rock

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