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Tip Of My Tongue - text


Well she's sweet, like a cherry
Hotter khan the 4th of July
Rough like a diamond
She could kill ya with a wink of her eye
She's a smooth operator, a master baiter
She got me hooked on her line
And now she's reelin' me, Lord it's sink or swim
I'm going down for the very first time


I can feel it
Taste it
It's on the tip of my tongue
Rollin', shakin'
It's on the tip of my tongue

Some people say that I'm crazy
That's just the way that it goes
No, you can't please everybody
But with a body like her's you get close
Well every now and then my tongue gets me in a littlw trouble but that's easy to fix
I've had some real close shaves but I can't complain - There ain't nothin' I can't lick


She likes to make it so hard (oh yeah)
But I can take it on my chin (alright)
I know just where to start
Don't need no directions I'm just drivin' in ... head first!



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