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Heaven's Fallin' - text


There's a whole in the sky where the angels used to sing
Now the quite is haunting me when I buried my conscience
I should have left room for my soul, I let it drown in my

Please forgive me for the things that I have done
And the spirit is willing, but the flesh is pale and weak
My salvation is in your hands
And my will is not my own

Chorus :

Heaven's Fallin' down on me
Lord I'm prayin' for some sympathy
When I close my eyes the only thing I see is
Heaven Fallin' down on me

I have suffered in silence, screamed myself to sleep
Took the last breathe of my youth, still I search for the
Like a leper I am creepin' even further from the truth
All alone and all a lie

Come in my time of sorrow, make me whole
Let my spirit follow, save my soul
There's a whole in the sky

Text přidala Girls_Rock

Video přidala Girls_Rock

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