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Don't Pull The Plug - text


Wake up kids, it's time to bang your head
Tonight's the night we're gonna raise the dead
We're juvenile delinquent teens on a crash course down the boulevard of broken dreams
It's a bad, bad scene
All day long you got the rockin' pneumonia
And the boogie woogie flu's gotta hold on ya
Workin' hard from 9 – 5
Bust yo ass just to keep yourself alive
And that ain't no jive
The joint is jumpin', its about to bloom
Ready, steady, go!


You I'll have to drag me kickin' and screamin'
(Dont pulí the plug)

Black and blue or bleedin'
(Don't pull the plug)

It's in my blood, it's like a drug (Just can k get enough)
You can tie me up, you can tie me down
Drag me through the mud but don't pull the plug!

Comin' at ya like a shotgun blast
I'm feelin' so good but I lookin' like trash
Fallin' in and outta bed with every pretty girl who turns my head
Knockin' me dead
The house is rockin', It's about to fall
Here comes the wrecking ball




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