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Don't Break My Heart Again - text


How many times do I have to get hurt
How many tears can I cry
Forgive and forget that's what you always said
Just like some warriors lie

When I made some mistakes that I like to forget
And I won't even try to pretend
But you're one mistake that I don't wanna make
And I swear this wouldn't happen' again

You won one more dance
Just one more chance
If I live my love on the lie

Don't break my heart again, no
Don't break my heart again, no
Can't play that part again
And I never wanna do
Don't break my heart again

Now my world is so empty without you
Since you left me and painted in black
And the rain outside my window is hangin' run and won't go
'Til the day you'll come back

No it ain't that easy
But I swallowed my pride
I lay my love on the line


I couldn't take that anymore
I'm still healing from the wound you left before
You know the scars were deep
But not as deep as my love for you
You cuts right through!

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