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You took my heart
Took my soul, took my world
Every last drop of my blood little girl
Tore me to pieces
Then left me for dead
Stayed long enough
Just to see if I bled

No more poison, no more pain
Sweet, sweet evil runnin'
Thru my veins
You sucked me in, you sucked mi out
Until my world came crashin' down

You left me like a dead dog, oh,ho
Like a dead dog, yeah, yeah
Drank from the well
'Till the well ran dry
Threw me in the gutter
For the rats and the flies
Like a dead dog, oh, oh

Lied for you, died for you
That was my sin
While you pushed your needle
Right under my skin
Cried me a river
And hope I would drown
Screaming for mercy
While you held me down

No more torture, no more lies
Please forgive me if I made you cry
You stuck the gun right into my face
And you blew my world away


You can't hurt me anymore...
(You tell me it's goodbye)
Lie for you, die for you
I gave up everything for you
(You live another lie)
You're poison, you're pain
Oh, girl the well you put me through
(Don't mean to make you cry)


Text přidala Ketyss

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