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You tied the rope around my neck
Tore the bones righ through my flesh
Let my raped and crucified
Made it feel like suicide, suicide
You suffucated me with hate
Spit it all right in my facelnfedted me with your disease
Cut my throat and watched me bleed, watch me bleed
You're the poison in my veins
Like the acid in my rain
And your god he might forgive you
But I won't

Chorus :

Crawl, on your hands and knees
Till you conscience bleeds, I wanna see you
Crawl, like a junkie sick for the needle's prickl won't forgive
You Crawl
You're the pusher, I'm the whore
Ate your lies and begged for more
Stuck your promise in my vein
Let your demons stroke my pain, stroke my pain
Still you haunt me like a house
You're the bad taste in my mouth
But revenge is my salvation
I've been waiting

Chorus :

B - verse 1 :

Chorus :

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