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Afraid Of Love/ Heartbreak Suicide - text


Hello Mrs. Robinson
You're little girl has come undone
All strung out and called it off again
And you think love is like a drug
You take your hit 'til you had enough
And I don't wanna call your bluff anymore
And it's a no win situation to me
Take it like a man or fake it like a queen
It's so hard to be on top when you're always stuck in between
I'm never wrong, you're never right
And I love you when you hate me
Living a lie, heartbreak suicide
I'll build you up, you'll tear me down
But I love you when you hate me
Kiss me goodbye, heartbreak suicide
Hello Miss America, Can I make a 1-900 collect call
Got a feeling I am the one you've been waiting for
'Cos I know who you think you are
You're an undercover cybersex superstar
Can I get it on credit cause
I'm all tapped out again
And it's so hard to find love when you're doin' that dance
You wear the dress and she wears the pants
You better call it off 'cos there ain't no second chance

Text přidala Girls_Rock

Video přidala Girls_Rock

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