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Desperate Generation - text


That's the spirit of time
Our modern live
Fast moving pictures under a porous sky
Fucked up environment
Your future will be dark
Sitting in your corner
You children of despair

Artificial happiness on MDMA
Hurry up to fix the date
On the single line
Wake up for the party
Dance yourself to death
You don't wanna leave the corner
Chilren of despair

Nobody wants to vote
For this modern life
Equal masses moving to
The sound of steering wheels
Why should we dance with brother D
In the corner you will hide
Children of despair

All dead philosophies
The experiment had failed
Values of democracy
Humanity is sold
Artificial beauty in an artificial world
Why should you leave your corner
Your children of despair

No more smiles on photographs
The image of a desperate generation

Text přidal KARI

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