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Oi gisborne
You're in the midst of a big storm
The rich fawn while the poor can't keep the their kids warm
So you can attack me, hack me and block me
But you'll never stop me from following loxley
Just watch me
I'm one in a million merry men and women in your citizenship
Who are seriously sick of it
So we declare your leadership
To be a little bit illegitimate
It's chilling isn't it?
Your men we give them stick
Like it's a piece of cake
Fight for everything at stake
Uniting the three estates
Ay, the smallest of viruses
Can cause the fall of the taullest of tyrants quick
Using the volumes to contradict their intended purpose
Rising up from the underground 'til we enter th surface
We are not asking for a world thatss incredibly perfect
We just want to live in a state that's fair enough to be worth it
For an amateur that's brandashing a camera
Well he's a heavy hammerer
That'll dash up and damage you
Loxley's a kid with big bloody balls
He'll rob from the rich and give to the poor
This is a war
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